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Fête à la Mode – Celebrating my Birthday and Blogiversary

Last weekend I hosted a Birthday and Blogiversary brunch at Witherspoon Grill in collaboration with Fairy-el Events. I invited 30 women from all aspects of my life, from elementary school friends to high school friends to sorority sisters to blogger friends. It made my heart SO FULL to get them all together in one room and watch them connect with each other. I am blessed to be surrounded by some kick ass, beautiful, intelligent, go-getter women and I was so thrilled to be able to host an event that celebrated them! I am committed to celebrating women and supporting women, always.

Fairy-el did such a beautiful job with the place settings. How cute are our place cards? They picked images from our instagram accounts and had graphics made for each guest!

Every single detail was on point with the Parisian theme! I loved the little fashion books and Eiffel towers. Trés chic!

Witherspoon Grill was the perfect place to host my brunch. The food was delicious and the staff was so sweet! It’s one of my favorite Princeton establishments.

Watching the excitement on my guests’ faces as they arrived was priceless!

It was beautiful to see both old friends re-connect and new friends connect!

The liquor infused cupcakes from Liqourish were divine. They were custom made to match my event’s cocktail list!

Our Strengths

We played a game where we each wrote on a card our biggest strength. We then broke into groups and guessed each other’s strengths. Once they guessed correctly, we had to explain why we think this is our biggest strength, and how we think other women use it too. This activity really brought us closer together and we learned so much about each other.

Me with the Fairy-el Event Team

Overall, the event was a huge success, and I cannot thank the Fairy-el team enough for their efforts! Each and every detail was perfect. I am still floating on cloud nine!

Lift each other up, together we can do anything!


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