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Why Join Reel

Have you ever had your eye on something special but it felt impossible to save up for it? That’s how I felt about my new YSL bag. I had my eye on this bag for over a year when I found Reel. Reel allowed me to save up for my YSL bag one week at a time (you can change the amounts you’d like to save per day or per week to make a plan that is easiest for you). I set the amount that I was personally willing to set aside per week and before I knew it I had enough for my bag! Without Reel this bag would still be a dream!

The other cool thing is you can use Reel to help you save for just about anything, not just designer handbags, save up for a new couch, or a present for your significant other!

Thanks to Reel you’ll have everything saved before you know it. In 2019, i’m looking forward to getting some more of my “it list” items using Reel. You can shop them below, or head to Join Reel now to shop for yourself!

Use code: C-AYZIA2019 to save $15 off your first Reel


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