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Meet Ayzia (a la mode)

A self-diagnosed shopaholic (and dessert addict) that has spent years working in the fashion industry in NYC brings you her favorite outfits, tips/tricks, and local destinations.

The MBA graduate spends her weekdays working in Marketing for one of the greater NYC area’s most reputable jewelers, and her weekends shopping, brunching, exploring, and lingering over coffee.

fun facts about me

➼ I completed 7 internships including Teen Vogue and Miss America

➼ I studied abroad in London

➼ I was in Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority in college

➼ I'm Canadian and English and was born in Montreal

➼ My favorite sport is soccer

➼ I'm an Aquarius 

➼ I danced competitively from age 3 through college

➼ My superlatives were "Most Artistic" and "Best Dressed"

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a few things I answer to:




marketing manager


I have been working in Digital Marketing for almost 10 years. After internships at Teen Vogue, Miss America, Nicole Miller, Anthropolgie and more, I started my career with Shark Tank alum NJ based Jewelry Company, Stella Valle. I later worked for the iconic Bergdorf Goodman Department Store in NYC. I now manage the Digital Marketing for a fine jewelry company.

Dave and I have been together since we were teenagers. I enjoy talking to young women who are in serious relationships and helping them navigate it. Being in a serious relationship in your 20s can be tough as you not only discover who you are, but who the other person is at the same time! Buckle up, it can be a bumpy ride, but in my case,  it has been tremendously rewarding. Dave has supported me every step of the way, from going to grad school in NYC to becoming an influencer, he is my biggest cheerleader, a huge contributor to my series “Ayz Eats”, and my best friend.

As a Black-identified, biracial woman from a multicultural background, I identify deeply with racial justice issues. On a global stage, we are currently seeing social injustice issues gain prominence, and we have reached an inflection point. In the United States, Black Americans experience multiple challenges in relation to systemic racism that leads to negative health outcomes. As a result, Black individuals are exposed to higher rates of morbidity and mortality compared to their White counterparts. 

I am heartened that we have reached a point in history where people from different backgrounds are coming together and calling for change. I hope that I can help others to become more informed on racial justice issues. In addition, I am using my platform to share information, black stories, black businesses, and other black creatives to elevate and amplify our voices. Everyone has the opportunity to take action in their own lives to support the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Because it is not a moment, it is a movement.


yes, we're doing this Instagram style.


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