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2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Home

This is my very FIRST Holiday Gift Guide featuring Gifts for the Home. Moving into our first place together, these are some of my absolute favorite items in our new home. I wanted to take this chance to share them all with you!

Below I share how Dave and I use these items in our own home, and I hope you will love them in your home just as much.

Whether you are buying for yourself, or gifting a friend or family member, these gifts are great items you will use every single day!

The day I laid my eyes on the Smeg Drip Coffee Maker, I knew we needed it for our home. We opted for the Black to match our Black and Chrome appliances. Many of the items in our home are mid-century modern and the mid-century vintage design of this coffee maker is the perfect way to incorporate that aesthetic in our kitchen.

You will never know a softer or warmer blanket! Just as plush as their famous faux fur coats and jackets, this blanket is warm, soft and perfect for cuddling. It’s my favorite blanket in our home. I’m considering getting it in black too!

This is my favorite holiday scent. The sweet pine scent is refreshing and subtle. It’s a gift that everyone on your list will love.

In our home, we opted for gold, wood, marble and black accents. These gold and wood measuring cups not only match our accents but they are super functional. I love the substantial wood handles. You can’t go wrong with this beautiful and functional gift.

Dave and I keto our Courant Wireless Charging Station in the family room. When you come in and your phone needs charging, you need somewhere to put down your keys, glasses, etc. this catch all is the perfect place to put everything down and start charging your phone.

One of my favorite items on the list, these glasses are also both beautiful and functional. The design is meant to help let the wine breathe, letting the aromas and flavors rise. And let me tell you, you can taste the difference! A great set of wine glasses makes for the perfect gift. Whether it is a housewarming, hostess, holiday or treat yourself gift, you can’t go wrong. The best part? A set of two Palavino Glasses is less than $50!




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