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CURLIES! The Solution to All Your Hair Woes: RevAir

Last week I shared my results from using the RevAir hair dryer on my Instagram account. If you haven’t seen my results yet, head to my page to check them out!

I have thick, curly hair. In the last couple of years I have finally learned to embrace my curls.

A large part of what got me into the dangerous cycle of damaging my hair was that it just took way too long to straighten my hair when I did want to wear it straight.

I turned to relaxers, keratin treatments, blow dryers, flat irons, and countless products to try to cut my styling time down. With the RevAir I don’t have to worry about that!

Each section of my hair dries in approximately 60 seconds. The whole head of hair takes about 20 minutes. And voila! My hair is dry, and almost completely straight. I don’t have to brush away, I use less heat, and it causes much less damage. I also only have to do a single pass with the flat iron over each section to finish it off.

It’s nothing short of a miracle for curlies like me who want to wear their hair straight part time.

Watch this video to see how the RevAir works for curly hair:

Here are some points from the Rev Air website:

  1. Straight to the Point – Most users achieve the results they want without needing flat irons. Those still needing flat irons, are likely to reduce their style time.

  2. One for All – Customizable Reverse-Air and temperature settings to suit all hair types.

  3. Less is More – Not only is styling time reduced, highest heat level is nearly half the wattage of a traditional blow dryer.

  4. Bye Bye Brush – Reverse-Air creates tension while drying ending the need for brush work. Air flows from root to end, eliminating awkward nozzle aiming.

  5. Don’t Sweat It – Hot air blowing on you is a thing of the past.

Not a curly? RevAir works for all hair types, from straight to coily! If your hair is already relatively straight you’ll love that you don’t have to brush your hair out, and if your hair is coily you will love how much time this cuts down for you!

My recommendations are to still use a heat protection spray, if your hair is coarse to also use a blow dry spray or creme to aid in the straightening. Also, make sure you take a section that’s about 3 x 3 inches. The RevAir comes with clips to hold up your other hair while you are working on each section. It should take about 60 seconds to dry each section, try different settings to see what heat level you need. Large sections won’t do as well. When you complete drying each section, seal your style with an oil like Moroccan argon oil.

So if you’re looking for damage free, straight hair that you can achieve in half of your regular styling time, I highly recommend this product to you!


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