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Favorite Winter Blushes

I love blush!  Do you wear blush often?  If you don’t I think you should give it a try.  It’s a great way to add some color to your face and help to shape it, almost like highlighting and contouring.  If you bring attention to the apples of your cheeks in addition to highlighting your cheek bones you will shape that portion of your face, that flush and glow also helps you look fresh, natural, and young.

In the summer I usually opt for a brighter pink shade to compliment my tan.  It can be a little bold, but usually because my skin is darker in the summer, the bright blush is a nice compliment.

In the winter when my skin is a little more pale I usually go for a light coral shade.  One of my favorites is “Love Lust” from Tom Ford.  It is subtle and a nice compliment to my winter complexion.  I rounded up some of my other favorite coral colored blushes for you guys to try out!


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