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Foundations For Everyone

If you’re like me one foundation just won’t do. In July I am a dark golden tan, and by January I am a neutral olive with slight yellow undertones (check out this picture of me wearing my summer foundation in the winter haha).

One day I might be very oily in my t-zone, by the next week I might be dry all over. I have combination skin and a tan complexion that is difficult to match. One foundation does not fit all. That’s why I have tested out MANY foundations, and I am hoping that you can benefit from what I have learned. Below are the main foundations I keep in my foundation arsenal and why.

This is my most versatile foundation. It has a medium coverage that looks great in photos, the yellow and olive undertones suit me most times of the year, and it doesn’t dry out my skin or make it more oily. And with 40 shades, you should be able to find your perfect color match!

My perfect summer foundation! This formula is great if you are oily, which I usually am in the summer. It stays put all day! And Rihanna made a shade for everyone!!! If you are dry this may dry you out more, so just be weary!

Boy is this shade a lot lighter than the Fenty Beauty foundation I use. When I am more pale and olive in the winter I see-saw between this and the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear in 410 Bisque. I find that the Armani foundation is better on my dry skin and more sheer when I just want to throw something on.  If I need a little more coverage in the winter I will use the Lancome. The Lancome also comes with SPF 15 which is a bonus I look for.

At $64, the Armani is the most expensive one on my list.  I often mix with other foundations, oil, or lotion to make it last longer!

When my skin is sensitive or breaking out I usually will use this Clinique foundation. It’s a decent match to my skin tone in Spring/Fall (and summer if I don’t lay out too much), it’s gentle on my skin, and you cannot beat the $26 price tag! This one also comes with SPF 15.

Over the years I have tried many other foundations, these are just the ones in my current line up.  Another notable foundation that I tried and liked a lot was Laura Mercier in Suntan. The only foundation I have ever tried and not loved was NARS Sheer Glow in Syracuse, it just wouldn’t stay put throughout the day!  I chose to try it because I technically have combination skin, but most of my face is dry, and this foundation was recommended for dry skin.  I didn’t love the foundation, however, I swear by NARS blush and eye shadow.  They have fantastic products, so their foundation might work for you but it did not work for me. Shopping for foundation is tough, like shopping for jeans, I’m just here to share my experiences, but it’s all about trial and error! Happy foundation shopping! Comment some of your findings.


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