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My Top Leather Jackets for Transitional Weather

If I could only have a few items in my closet, this would definitely be one of them!

What's one staple you should always have in your wardrobe? A leather jacket!

Fall day with a slight breeze? Grab the leather jacket!

Winter night out for drinks and you're wearing a dress? Grab the leather jacket!

Spring morning with a slight chill? Grab the leather jacket!

Summer evening by the fire? Grab the leather jacket!

These high 50s-60s days in New Jersey are perfect for a leather jacket, but really it's a year-round staple. Here are some of my top leather jacket recommendations. It's something definitely worth investing in. Not only can you have it for years, if not decades, but leather actually gets softer and forms to your body over time. I love a good worn in leather jacket.

It took me years to find the perfect one, so don't fret if you haven't found yours yet!


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