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The Flexi Rod Experience

I love my naturally curly hair, but let’s be real, my natural texture can be pretty unpredictable. The slightest change in weather, the way I slept, or the products I use can mean the difference between beautiful soft ringlets and dry frizzy unruly curls. What is a curly girl to do when she wants a predictable style but doesn’t want to use heat?

My go-to solution as of late for this problem has been flexi rods! How I went 25 years without them I will never know. They have made my life so much easier. I can still wear my hair curly and not worry about getting it wet, about weather changes, or damaging my hair by heating it. I’ve posted a lot of pictures on my Instagram account where I have used flexirods and have gotten so many lovely compliments and questions from fellow curly girls. So I decided that it would be a great blog post!

Below you will see the flexirod set I use, the products I use in my hair, and linked below is a youtube tutorial that helped me start my flexirod styling journey! I hope they will help you too.

The truth is everyone’s hair is different. Your curl type and porosity can greatly effect how your flexi rod style will turn out. My advice is not to get discouraged if you aren’t in love with the way it turns out the first time. Try different products, try styling when you hair is more or less dry, try sectioning your hair differently. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is to use oil on my fingers when separating my curls so they don’t appear dry.

Comment your findings below, lets go on this curl journey together!

Denman Brush (Okay this one has rhinestones…I’m being extra, but choose whichever one you like!)


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