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Add Color to Your Winter Wardrobe with a Chic Coat!

The days are getting shorter…and colder, and darker.  The leaves are falling off the trees and if you’re like me, your wardrobe reflects it.  In the summer I’m inspired to bring out all of my bright colors and summer whites, but as soon as I feel a chill in the air, I’m in all black.

A great way to break up the “all black” winter wardrobe is with a bright coat.  Something you can throw on with all your winter neutrals that will make you stand out in the crowd and maybe given your seasonal depression a little jolt…maybe!

Here’s a tip I’ll let you all in on, every year I invest in one staple piece during the ShopBop 25% off sale in September.  Usually it’s a coat or a boot, something I feel I will get a lot of use out of.  This year, I had my eye on the Vince Patch Pocket Coat in ink.  As soon as the sale hit, I scooped it up.  Now it’s back to full price, but let me tell you it’s worth every penny.  The fabric, the construction, this is a forever coat (if you are petite I recommend you size down, I purchased a medium).  And if you aren’t ready to dive into the bright winter coat trend…it also comes in tan!  Here are some of my top picks for colorful winter coats, including my personal favorite from Vince.


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