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Delicate Jewelry Pieces for Everyday Wear

Looking for an everyday necklace, bracelet, ring, or pair of earrings (for yourself or someone else)? I like my everyday jewelry to be small, delicate, and feminine. I also prefer rose gold or yellow gold because I think it blends in with my skin better than white gold. I like these everyday pieces to be subtle.  Their subtle nature means I can wear them every single day, either layered with other pieces or alone.

Personalized touches like initials or engraving can also make your delicate jewelry pieces extra special! The pieces below make great gift ideas, they are beautiful, unique, and simple enough to go with her other jewelry pieces.

All pieces below are linked and UNDER $500!

Stone and Strand


Diamond Path Earring (single)


Hammered Ring in Rose Gold (only $64!)

Maleficent Ring

By Chari

Three Diamond Bracelet


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