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Good Investment “It” Bags

So you want to treat yourself…because you deserve it! Maybe you got your first “big girl” job, graduated with your masters, got a promotion, or just need a good tried and true everyday luxury bag that’s worth your money.

I know there are a million options on the market at any given time. Trust me, I worked for Bergdorf Goodman, I get it, it can be overwhelming looking for a luxury handbag. And salespeople will likely be trying to push the “newest”, “latest”, “greatest” NYFW-approved bag on you, but you don’t need to spend $4,000 on a bag that’s going to be out of style next season. We can’t all be the Kardashians haha.

That’s why I’m here to give you some staple luxury handbag options that are timeless, great quality, and versatile enough for your girl-on-the-go lifestyle. Trust me, I’ve been suckered into coin purse sized YSL bags because they were cute when I should’ve been investing in an “it” bag, I’m not going to let that happen to you!

Louis Vuitton has been a “gateway” luxury handbag for decades. If you are on the market for your first luxury handbag, Louis is a great place to start. My very first luxury handbag was actually a Stella McCartney, and though I’ve had a Louis clutch for years, I actually just got my hands on my first Louis handbag this month! So it’s never too late to start your love affair with Louis. I just got a Speedy in the 30 size, linked below. I also think the Neverfull tote is a great place to start. I’d say stick to the basics, either classic monogram or ebene check in white or brown.

If you’re not a tote girl, but still need something with structure that can fit your papers I suggest the Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour in large or medium. The classic Saint Laurent tote is also a great basic, it’s less flashy than the Louis, it’ll go with just about everything you wear from athleisure to business meeting attire.

Another tried and true favorite comes from Prada. This classic crossbody will be with you for years to come. I think it looks best in nude or black. So if you need a good neutral I would look no further!

What is your favorite “it” bag and why? Comment here or head to my Instagram (@ayziaj) to be part of the conversation!


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