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New Take on The Denim Jacket: The Perfect Transition Piece for Spring

I’m partial to roses, I think that rose appliqués add a fun, feminine, yet edgy vibe to anything from sneakers to tee shirts, however a denim jacket is one of the few pieces in your wardrobe that can really take any embellishment you throw at it.  Maybe you like paint splatter. Maybe you like pearls.  Maybe you like patchwork.  Whether you want to go DIY or find a fun finished embellished look like above, the embellished denim jacket is a great way to switch things up.

I don’t know how this happened, but I have actually never owned a dark rinse denim jacket!  Levi’s makes the go-to denim jacket above in a variety of rinses.  I like that a darker rinse is slightly more formal, it’s perfect to throw on for a date night over a bright summer dress.  I also like the contrast of bright colors against dark denim.

Length is super important for your denim jacket.  Especially if you are planning to wear it all summer long with skirts, dresses, and shorts.  Even with high waisted culottes or jumpsuits, a slightly cropped style is going to be the most flattering if you are planning to wear it with basically anything other than pants.

I got so much love on my FRAME denim jacket.  And although my exact style is sold out, this is pretty close.  I have to say the quality of the FRAME denim jacket is superior to what I have experienced before.  FRAME might be more of an investment, but if you are looking for an investment staple denim jacket, FRAME is probably where I would go. I love the dual tone rinses, and this jacket unlike mine has a raw hem which I love!

If I’m going to buy another denim jacket this season it’s going to be this one…and I think I need the skirt too.  I’m taking Canadian Tux vibes to the next level.  I love the structure of this denim jacket, especially over a white tee.  What do you think guys, do I need it?


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