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Re-vamping Your Summer Style with Your Own Wardrobe!

I love new clothes as much as the next girl, but I hate the price tag, can you relate?  I’m always trying to look for good discounts, or affordable brands (if you know me, you know half of my closet is from Target). But let’s be real, even spending under $60 at Target adds up.  And why do that all the time when you have so many great pieces in your closet already?!  Above I am wearing a blouse from 2015 paired with a skirt from 2018.

Below are some of my suggestions on how to give new life to some of your old pieces.

Style Differently

Look at your pieces with a different perspective.  How can you style it to fit in with this year’s trends?  Perhaps you will pair your denim dress with an on-trend bamboo handbag and cat-eye sunglasses.  Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!  Try pairing pants with various bottoms, maybe you purchased a blouse to work with a certain pair of pants in 2016, but for 2018 the blouse looks better tucked into a midi skirt.


Layering is key.  That button down blouse would look great with the collar out under a sweater.  That denim shirt would look great with a best.  That white tank would look great under a blazer.  Make another layer the focal point of the outfit and see how it re-vamps the piece you haven’t worn in ages.


If you can’t style it or layer it differently, consider altering it!  Turn your jeans into shorts, your maxi dress into a midi dress, your jacket into a vest.  And voila, you have a brand new piece!  There are a ton of DIY videos to help you, or you can take the piece to your local tailor.


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