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Sweet for Spring, Crossbody Bags

Sweet for Spring, Crossbody Bags

It’s officially spring in New Jersey, yay!  That means your weekends are probably filling up with rooftop bar dates, outdoor brunches, sports games, etc.  You’re more on the go than ever, and you’re also finding yourself in hot, crowded venues.  You don’t want to be carrying around your large tote you took with you to work everyday this winter.  It’s too large, too heavy, or not even allowed in some of the venues you will find yourself in.

This past weekend I went to a boozy brunch in NYC with my girlfriends.  Since I was commuting in, I needed more than my crossbody bags could carry, but let me tell you, I regretted bringing a huge tote to a NYC boozy brunch.  Don’t be me, learn from my mistakes.  I’ve rounded up a few crossbody bags that are perfect for all of your spring/summer plans.

Some of these are available in multiple colorways, click the “shop the post” link to shop! Or visit:


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