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Talking NJ Businesses and More on News 12 NJ

This summer, I was honored to be asked to appear on News12 New Jersey where I had the opportunity to discuss some of my favorite local NJ businesses and things to do this summer with Syma Chowdry! My mission with Ayzia a la Mode has always been to support local, female owned and Black owned businesses.

I loved getting to share some of my favorite places to go in the summer in NJ including Terhune Orchards in Princeton, NJ and Ironbound Farm and Ciderhouse in Asbury, NJ.

Watch me share a little bit about my brand and its mission here.

After the on air interview, I got to ask Syma some additional questions about her journey into broadcasting.

Q: How and when did you get your start at News12?

A: I got started at News 12 first as an Associate Producer back in 2006. I worked my way to being a Morning Reporter at News 12. After that, I worked in other major TV markets and came back "home" to News 12 as a Morning Anchor in 2021.

Q: What is your favorite thing about NJ?

A:My favorite thing about NJ is everything it has to offer! There are beaches, cruise ports, fun things to do, great shopping, all while be sandwiched between my two favorite cities, NYC and Philly!

Q: What would be your advice to up and coming journalists in NJ?

A: My advice is to study the craft right now! No matter what age/stage. Watch the news. Pay attention to the world. Utilize social media and start creating a "news" brand online before even entering the workforce!

I am always grateful to be able to connect with successful, hard working women especially fellow women of color and fellow women from NJ so it was wonderful to be able to connect with Syma and I look forward to continuing to watch and support News 12 New Jersey!

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