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Versatile Evening Clutches

Versatile Evening Clutches

If you know me, you know that three of my very best friends are getting married this summer!  That means three nights of outfits; dresses, shoes, and accessories.  Since I am trying to stretch my wedding attire budget and get as much bang for my buck as possible, I found a satin evening clutch that not only will match with 2/3 of my dresses, but I can also wear to other special occasions this summer, and even pair down with jeans and a blazer in the fall!

Below is the versatile Zac by Zac Posen clutch I purchased, available in a variety of colors!  I also rounded up some other evening bag recommendations that I feel you would be able to use at both formal and informal events!  It’s all about getting special pieces that are versatile enough to wear again and again.


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