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A Day at Island Spa and Sauna

If you live in Central Jersey, you have to check out Island Spa and Sauna. It’s a 30,000 square foot modernized Korean Day Spa located in Edison, NJ. I had never been to anything like it! They have so many services available, from facials to massages. They have saunas, bathhouses, areas to relax in between your services, and more!

When I walked in, I was immediately greeted by friendly staff that directed me where I needed to go. They gave me comfortable lounge wear for me to wear throughout the day. And then I was off to my first service, a Quintessential Facial.

This classic facial replenishes the skin to its natural moisture content and suppleness. Includes skin analysis, exfoliation, light extraction of impurities, facial massage, a customized mask, and nourishment.

Prior to the facial, my skin was dry and I was breaking out a little bit. The facial helped to calm my skin and give it the moisture it really needed.

After my facial, I visited the Island Juice Bar for a custom juice. It was fresh, and nutricious just what I needed to keep me going on my morning at the spa.

I then took a seat in their lounge area to relax for a little before heading into one of the saunas.

I left the spa feeling totally rejuvenated and refreshed. There were so many amazing services that I can’t wait to go back and discover. They even have yoga classes!

If you are thinking about visiting the Island Spa and Sauna, I recommend getting one of their service passes. Check out their current specials here.


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