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A Weekend in Center City Philadelphia

Why you should visit Center City Philadelphia

Chestnut Street Philadelphia

Ahh, the city of brotherly love. Philadelphia is not only one of the most lively, diverse, and culturally rich cities in America, it is also one of our oldest. If you have never seen the Liberty Bell, the Declaration of Independence, The Betsey Ross House and so much more in the Historic District, you are missing out! There are so many rich pieces of American history that call Philadelphia home. Philadelphia is a special city, and at only about 2 hours from NYC, it makes for a great weekend getaway.

Where you should stay in Center City Philadelphia

Ruth’s Chris Philadelphia

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Center City Philadelphia has so many gorgeous, top of the line hotels. They’re up to par with many of the hotels I have stayed at in NYC. On our last trip to Philadelphia we stayed at the Sonesta Philadelphia in Rittenhouse Square. The Sonesta boasts a rooftop pool, yes, a rooftop pool.

They also have a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse right downstairs! Amazing!

There’s even a bar/lounge area called Art Bar. Dave and I stopped by Art Bar after dinner for a drink before we went back up to the room.

The Sonesta was sleek, modern, and top of the line in terms of hospitality. I loved how they incorporated modern art throughout the hotel. The rooms were also modern, I loved the set up of the room. There was a couch to lounge on, a vanity to do my make up with, and a desk to do my work on.

Our Room at Sonesta Philadelphia

Other Philadelphia Hotels Worth Checking Out:

  1. Kimpton Hotel

  2. The Logan

  3. ROOST Rittenhouse

  4. The Ritz Carlton

  5. The Lokal Hotel

Where you should eat in Center City Philadelphia

When I knew Dave and I would be staying in Philly for the weekend I knew right away I wanted to go to R2L Restaurant for dinner!

Dave and I went to R2L to celebrate one of our anniversaries 6 years ago and we loved the entire experience. We have been wanting to get back, and this was the perfect opportunity!

Reserving a window seat is totally worth it, and really a must if it’s your first time dining there. The views of the city from R2L are the best I have ever seen. It’s truly breathtaking to see the city buildings glow at sunset and sparkle at night. It’s super romantic to see the city like that.

Enough about the views (though I could really make an entire blog post about them), the service at R2L is impeccable, each person we encountered was super professional and really cared about our experience!

Our meal was absolutely delicious. After 6 years, it was still just how we remembered! We ordered the chicken, and shared brussels sprouts and mac and cheese.

Our Meal at R2L Restaurant

Other Philadelphia Restaurants Worth Checking Out:

  1. Alba

  2. Parc

  3. El Vez

  4. Talula’s Garden

  5. Zahav

  6. Reading Terminal Market

  7. Jim’s, Pat’s, Geno’s – Any legendary Philadelphia Cheesesteak Establishment

What you should do for fun in Center City Philadelphia

1. Visit the Philadelphia Art Museum (and see the Rocky Statue)/Go for a Walk on Kelly Drive

2. Visit Independence Plaza – The Historic District

3. Explore Spruce Street Harbor Park, Race Street Pier and Other Attractions on the Waterfront

4. See a Philadelphia Sports Game

5. Go for a Drink at Assembly Rooftop (located at The Logan)

Philadelphia City Hall

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Hope you enjoyed, and next time you are looking for a short day trip or weekend getaway, I hope you consider Philadelphia!


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