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A Weekend in Soho

This Spring, Dave and I headed into Soho for the weekend. Dave is a business owner, and between my full time job and the blog, it can be difficult for both us to take time off at the same time. That’s why we take full advantage of the weekends! There are so many wonderful weekend getaway destinations within a couple hours of the city.

I first saw Arlo Soho a few years back, but at the time we opted to stay at a different hotel. I am so glad we got to stay there this time! From the time we entered the hotel, the experience was amazing. It’s more of a boutique hotel feel, very intimate and modern. When we checked in, the woman at the front desk told us we had the best room at the hotel…my eyebrows raised…I was so excited.

When we made our way to the room, we were delighted to be greeted by an amazing terrace. Literally the most beautiful views of the skyline. On one side of the terrace we could see Hoboken (another weekend destination favorite of ours) and on the other side we had a view of the World Trade Center!

For dinner, we met up with friends at Mamo (located near the James). The decor there was beautiful, very industrial and contemporary. You almost didn’t feel like you were in NYC! The pastas and wine were amazing, highly recommend (and we eat a lot of Italian food haha).

After dinner, we went back to our terrace at the Arlo Soho and drank more wine with our friends. A beautiful night catching up with the sparkling city skyline in the background.

The Arlo also has a very cool rooftop! Before brunch that morning at Boqueria on Spring Street we couldn’t resist going up there to take pics. We spent the rest of the day in Soho, walking around, shopping, and picking up cronuts (our fav). It was the perfect two day getaway, I love being in the center of everything, being able to walk to restaurants, shopping etc. The views were absolutely the best we have ever had while staying in NYC. We can’t wait to go back!


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