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Ayz Eats: The Bent Spoon

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I am a big fan of supporting local businesses, especially small businesses.  Luckily, the PA/NJ/NY area is full of some pretty amazing finds.  Since my blog name is Ayzia à la Mode, which means 1. fashionable, stylish 2. topped with ice cream, I figured my first installment of Ayz Eats would be on ice cream!

 The Bent Spoon in Princeton, NJ is everything you want in a great ice cream spot.  It’s no wonder they’re always getting voted #1 in surveys.  They offer artisan ice cream (gelato) and sorbets in every flavor under the sun.  Their small batches are made using local and organic ingredients.  This means that the flavors change regularly!  It’s always fun showing up and seeing what they have on that particular day.  Beyond the ice cream, they make my favorite cookie (the peanut butter chocolate chunk…to die for), hot chocolate like no other (seriously, you can’t find it like this anywhere else), and light, fresh, sweet cupcakes that will be sure to make anyone smile!  If you ask me, The Bent Spoon can’t be beat.  Check out their

Instagram for announcements, flavors of the day, and pictures that will be sure to make you hungry.

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All photos via @thebentspoon


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