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#AyzEats: Samudhra Franklin Park, NJ

My new favorite local restaurant is Samudhra in Franklin Park, NJ. In just the last month or so I have been there three times. I dined twice in their beautiful outdoor courtyard, and once inside their lounge area.

Indian cuisine is one of my favorites. My father is English and grew up eating Indian food. My mother is West Indian, and some of the dishes (the curries, rices, roti, etc) are similar in concept and spice level to Indian food even though the flavors are different. Though I have grown up eating Indian food, I often find that my friends have never tried it! Sometimes they are even nervous to try it because they think it will be too spicy. The second time I went to Samudhra, I brought my girlfriend who has never eaten Indian food before. The staff was very helpful in selecting dishes for her that were not too spicy, and suited her palette.

Samudhra, with its beautiful lounge, great patio area, vast menu, and fun cocktails makes Indian food more accessible than ever before. If you are in the area and have been curious about Indian food, but have never tried, this would be a great place to try it out!

Another thing that differentiates Samudhra is its amazing cocktails. There aren’t many bars and lounges in Franklin Park. Every cocktail I’ve had at Samudhra has been delicious.

If you want to stick to something familiar like a margarita or sangria you can, but if you are feeling more adventurous, Samudhra has a range of signature creative cocktails infused with bold ingredients from Indian spices that are so unique and delicious you’ll want to try them all! You can check out their list of cocktails here.

The bar and lounge make it the perfect girls night out, catch up with friends/family, or date night spot!

The lounge was so impressive. It has amenities like a large projector screen, dance floor, full bar, DJ booth, intimate booths and high tops. My girlfriend and I loved the ambience and being right next to the bar! The bartender was so talented and was great at recommending drinks for us.

Samudhra has such a diverse menu from curries to tandoors, Naans and some regional delicacies. They have lots of great appetizers that are perfect for sharing, and more formal entrée dishes as well.

Last week when I visited the lounge, it was actually my first time dining inside at a restaurant since March! The décor is beautiful, it’s also very spacious inside. They are impeccably clean and followed all safety protocols to ensure we felt safe while dining. But, if you prefer to sit on their outdoor patio it also has a beautiful ambience and it’s a wonderful opportunity to enjoy outdoor dining!

Overall, Samudhra has so many amenities, seating options, menu items, and cocktails that it is the perfect destination for almost any occasion! And it’s located right in Franklin Park, I love that they have brought these city-like amenities to the suburbs. I can’t wait to go back, and maybe even host an event in their lounge! You can make your reservation here.


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