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#AyzEats: Marsha Brown New Hope, PA

It’s been a while since I’ve done an #ayzeats blog post.  I thought I would profile Dave and my favorite local restaurant, Marsha Brown, located on Main Street in New Hope, PA.  Dave and I have been dating for 8 years now.  We love trying new restaurants in new cities, and over the years we put together a pretty solid list of go-tos for nice date nights.  This year for our anniversary, we’re going to be in Soho, our favorite NYC neighborhood, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to also do dinner at our favorite restaurant, Marsha Brown.

First of all, the curb appeal is fantastic.  Marsha Brown sits right on Main Street in New Hope, not far from the Delaware River in a converted church.  New Hope has so much charm and nostalgia, and Marsha Brown is a staple of New Hope.  When you walk up the stairs you are greeted by friendly hostesses, a bustling bar area, and a live lobster tank (everything there is fresh, very fresh haha).  You walk up another set of stairs to the main dining room and are greeted by a huge mural and stained glass windows.  The high ceilings frame the room and there is even a split level for additional dining space.

Now for the menu, Marsha Brown is New Orleans creole.  Think all of your classic, American steakhouse favorites with MUCH more flavor.  *Insert Emril Lagasse “Bam!”*  The flavors are amazing.  They take something simple like onion rings and take it to the next level.  Their seasoned onion rings are spicy, flavorful, large, fresh, and not too fried or crispy.  That’s just one item! They take care to make all of their menu items special, and that’s what keeps us coming back.  I have never found a chicken dish as good as theirs, Ruth Chris tried it, but unfortunately cannot compare.  From the twice baked potatoes, to the sweet potato casserole, Marsha Browns has me loving dishes I usually wouldn’t order other places.  They have the finest wines and cocktails to accompany your meal, and if you make it to dessert with room (a hard feat) there’s no shortage of good choices from creme brûlée to “24k” carrot cake.

My mouth is watering just writing this!  Do yourself a favor, next time you are in the New Hope or Lambertville area, give Marsha Brown a try.


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