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Philadelphia: The City of Brotherly Love

Go to a Phillies Game

Phillies games are so fun.  And so much cheaper than seeing a NYC game.  The park is amazing, there’s not a bad view in the house.  And if you haven’t had Chickie’s and Pete’s crab fries, they are a MUST.

Visit a Museum

Philly has a ton of museums.  Many of them you can even visit for free!  Click here for more information.

My personal favorite is the Philadelphia Art Museum.  Head there to see the art, and recreate the famed “Rocky” scene.

Dine at a Restaurant

A couple of my favorite Philadelphia restaurants are Le Peg and Amada, but there are literally a million fantastic restaurants in the city.

Click here to see the Top 10 Most Popular to get you started!

Get Outside

Philly is a great place to get outside!  The city is lined with parks, and of course is on the water.  They’ve done a great job of utilizing their outdoor space for summer activities.  Here are a few places to visit: Spruce Street Harbor Park, Blue Cross RiverRink Summerfest, Parks on Tap, The Rail Park.

Views of the City

If you want to see some amazing views of the city, I suggest you head to One Liberty Observation Deck, or to another one of my favorite restaurants R2L.

For more suggestions of sky high views of the city, click here!

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