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Princeton Food Blog

You guys have been asking for a full list of my Princeton food recommendations for a while now, and I finally sat down to put one together! Princeton is such a wonderful food city, as new restaurants open or I discover more I think you would like to hear about I will update this list!

Assorted Pastries – Cargot Brasserie

Brunch Assortment Cargot Brasserie

Brunch with the Girls


Date Night

Quick Lunch

Weeknight Dinner

  1. Local Greek

  2. Winberrie’s

  3. Season’s 52 Marketfair

Happy Hour

  1. Mediterra

  2. Winberrie’s

  3. Season’s 52 Marketfair

Watching a Game with Friends

Weekend Lunch on a Budget

  1. Winberie’s

  2. Brickhouse Marketfair

  3. Café Vienna

Business Lunch

Meeting over Coffee

Favorite Pizza Spots

Specialty Shops


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