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Quarantine Date Night Ideas

Just because we are in quarantine, doesn’t mean your relationship needs to take a break, or get stale. There are lots of fun ways to get creative about dates. It’s also a great opportunity to get back to the basics and get to know your partner event better! Here are some things that Dave and I have tried out:

Virtual Dates

If you are apart for quarantine, or for a few days, virtual dates are a great way to still get that face to face real time contact! Pour yourself a glass of wine, and pick a show or a movie to watch together. Watching together in real time and chatting is a fun way to catch up on your days and spend time together.

Cook Together

If you are quarantining with your partner, try cooking different meals together! Cooking together is an intimate activity. One of our favorite things to make together is pizza! It’s fun, easy and you can get creative with the toppings.

Dress Up and Order In

If you’re like me, you are itching to dress up! To throw on a new dress and a pair of heels…so do it! Set a romantic table with candles and dress up for date night. Order take out or delivery from one of your favorite restaurants. In our area, even the fine dining establishments are offering take out.

Get Outside

One of our favorite things to do together has been getting outside. On our 10 year anniversary in March we had planned a weekend long trip to Brooklyn, instead we went for a beautiful long walk and came home and cooked together. It was the perfect day.

Quarantine dates can be just as good as regular dates, if not even better! They allow you to really get to know your partner (and save a lot of money), win win! Sending love to all the couples in quarantine together right now and I hope you continue to make time for special date nights!


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