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Sundays are for Brunch!

If you live in the Central Jersey area, here are some of my absolute favorite breakfast/brunch spots in Princeton, NJ!

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If you’re in the mood for good drinks (I recommend the bellini) and great staples like omlettes, eggs benedict, and french toast with a twist this is your spot!  They have a full bar and a super friendly and attentive staff.  Great for occasions, I’m thinking birthday brunch?!

Agricola is a farm to table restaurant with some amazing brunch menu items.  They change seasonally, but all of their dishes are flavorful and fresh!  You’ll get to try something new and you really cannot go wrong with their cocktails.

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If you like a European style buffet brunch head to Cafe Vienna.  They also have great lattes!  Yum.  It can get packed so get there early.

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Nothing beats Winberie’s!  Their brunch buffet is a classic Princeton staple.  They have a great omelette station…that’s crucial at any good buffet.

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Love breakfast food?  PJ’s Pancake House is your spot.  Especially if you are a fan of pancakes and waffles.  Who agrees that more brunch places need a solid waffle option?!

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kilka sdaf2
kilka sdaf2
Dec 21, 2023

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